Antique Vanity with Mirror

Antique Vanity with Mirror

Aside from its usual function of allowing people to see their reflections, it can tell many stories. Vintage reflectors, for example, are historically significant due to their construction, ornamentation, gold leaf, polish, and glass. Antique vanity with mirrors is undeniably beautiful as decor, but they may also be used uniquely. That is why some people maintain and collect such looking glass and engage our professionals to fix them. We provide high-quality custom glass with a unique appearance. It is ideal for a variety of decor themes. They are also beautiful wall ornaments that may give character and visual interest to any room.

We can cut any shape or size that owners require. Our crew can custom-cut the antique mirrors to fit the height and breadth requirements of the project.

Furthermore, we can verify that it fits appropriately by fine-tuning the proportions to compensate for minor structural problems like out-of-square corners. Furthermore, bespoke cut-outs for light switches, outlets, and other items can be added to the antique gold mirror.

Vintage Mirror Installation and Repair

We offer a free consultation at home or place of business so owners can see services samples, answer the questions, and get advice and insights personalized to the area. We will make sure the glass and mirror installation is hassle-free from start to finish. We will also take precise measurements and look for unusual structural issues, such as out-of-square walls or corners that do not form proper angles. From simple frames to sophisticated beaded glazed doors, experts can replace most varieties of broken glass. Moldings on the vintage gold mirror are notoriously fragile, and they are frequently damaged when the glass is broken. So, hire us for professional aid.

When to have Antique Vanity with Mirror Glass Service

Following are the main issue for which owners will have to contact us for the repair:

  • Irreversible Spots
  • Big Cracks

Irreversible Spots

The presence of dark spots and streaks on the antique mirror glass itself is the most typical issue with such a reflector. When the silver backing used in its manufacturing goes down, moisture collects and causes black blotches. If they are irreversible, it becomes compulsory to change the whole one, hire us to replace.

Big Cracks

Cracks in the glass frame are another prevalent problem. The frame, which is often the most precious portion of a classical glass, is often preserved by collectors and owners. Repairing the frame of an antique brass mirror, on the other hand, might be difficult. If not appropriately addressed, it could lead to more damage. No matter how much it is with an exceptional finish, such as gold, it may also require restoration at times. We replace large antique mirror plates and provide a glass beveling service. Experts may also use this type of glass for a vintage look if asked.