By-Pass Shower Stall Doors

Bypass shower stall doors are a category of frameless shower doorsTheir greatest advantage is that they occupy very little space and remove the need for ‘swinging’ of the ordinary glass shower doors. They can be either glass or plastic with aluminum racks at the top and bottom to slide around.


For those stuck on the word of By-pass, we have an explanation for you. The term ‘bypass’ is usually used when trying to communicate the availability of an alternate route to reach a destination. So, in terms of the washroom, what exactly is being bypassed? The answer is simple but takes a little ingenuity to get. See, bypass shower glass or plastic doors slide on aluminum tracks; at the bottom and top, in front of each other. One door is always in front of another door, hence bypassing doors.

Why Need for By-Pass Shower stall door?

Due to rising real estate prices, millennials opt for small, cozy homes. Minimalism has taken a fair share of millennials’ mindsets.

Comparison Between Sliding Shower Doors and By-Pass Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors tend to get stuck on racks, and little greasing is required from time to time as the showers are a place to play with water. The accumulated water decreases the efficiency of the sliding mechanism.

Normally, bypass shower doors are metal framed as it provides structural support for thin glass or plastic and helps the doors to slide along easily. But users can also find frameless shower doors made of thicker tempered glass. All you have to do is type in ‘shower stall doors near me’ to access Anderson Glass, where we provide the best solutions to your buy-pass shower stall Doors’ problems.

Shower Glass Doors Near Me

A quick google query of ‘shower glass doors near me’ would bring you to Anderson Glass and Mirror, where our teams of experts in glass installation will help you to choose the right glass for your shower stall Doors. Plus, you will get professional results with our customized showers, including size, style, and finish. Call us at (703) 623-2223  for the best shower glass doors services. Since you will have so many options to choose from, you can feel assured that you have the perfect Shower stall Doors for your lifestyle and décor preferences.

Types of Shower Glass

Shower glass comes in a variety of tints and textures. The most common ones are

  • Clear Glass Shower Doors (Most commonly used. Has a slight green tint)
  • Low-Iron Shower Glass (Most clear glass)
  • Frosted and Opaque Glass Shower Doors (For much-needed privacy)
  • Tinted Glass Shower Doors (gives privacy and tint of your choice)
  • Rain Glass Shower Doors (patterned glass resembling raindrops)
  • Textured Glass Shower Doors (Translucent textured glass)

Types of Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures come in a variety of types

  • Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures (fit snugly into any corner of the bathroom)
  • 2-Sided Shower Enclosures (uses two walls with two side panels)
  • 3-Sided Shower (same as 2-Sided but with a shower door to form a pentagon)
  • Reduced Height Shower Enclosure (for low roof bathrooms)
  • Bi-fold Shower Enclosures (folding shower door that opens and closes into the Shower)
  • Hinged Shower Enclosures (hinged shower doors for an open and airy feel)