Glass Table Tops

Who is looking for the best decoration options for homes and other properties? We are here to provide super stunning glass table tops that can make your dining room more attractive than before. Experts here can cut and make glass dining tables in several shapes and designs to make a room more appealing. Now it is time to change the room accessories and add something new to it. Contact us, and our glass table tops designers, installers, and experienced advisors will help you to choose the best glass and mirrors for your tables, counters, and bathroom walls. 


We are not just providing glass dining room tables but also vanity, wall, floor mirrors, and shower glass doors for residential properties. Instead of wasting more time searching other places, select us to get top-quality glass tabletop products that can make a house more appealing to visitors or guests. We are waiting for your call, so pick up your phone and dial the mentioned number.


Most Popularly Used Glass Table Tops

Choosing the right type of dining glass or round glass for tabletop is essential to get complete protection from any damage. That’s what Anderson Glass & Mirror is providing supreme quality products that can give safety and protection to the furniture.

Reflectors for furniture come in various thicknesses, cuts, and designs. The two most popular types of reflectors are used for furniture. Let us jump into it:

  • Tempered Glass 
  • Annealed Glass



Tempered glass mirror is one of the most durable, solid, and thick types of glass used in various things. For example, on counter shelves, kitchen cabinets, shower door enclosures, corner display containers, on top of the tables, and more. It does not break easily and adds curb appeal to any place.

It is one of the best ways to enlarge any house or hotel space because those thick reflectors reflect light to each corner of the room or small space and make it bright. Even though if someone chooses a tempered glass top coffee table and places it in any corner, it will make that space stunning and wide. Get top-quality tempered glass table tops from us. We will be happy to engage with you as your trusted partner.



It is a standard type of glass. It is light in weight and easily cut in any size or shape. It can be recycled easily. It is not as durable as tempered and breaks into sharp edges easily. Although it can be used as a round glass dining table if it is thicker than the standard form, for example, ½”, ¾” or more. This can be the safest, most reliable, and solid option for a small glass dining table if it is thick.

Now it is up to a client’s choice and budget for what he/she wants to order. We will guide our clients devotedly to suggesting the best and most reliable options to decorate their spaces. Contact us to get our instant help. We are waiting for your call!