Mirrored Walls Service

Mirrored Walls Service

Mirrored walls are one of the most beautiful things for people, whether they are in the form of vanity or wall glass. We can use mirrored walls everywhere in the house or any office.

They may be installed directly on walls for decoration purposes. They are installed in vanity, furniture, windows, and doors. Now the question may arise in your mind that for all places or things, only one type of glass can be used or not. The answer is no; there are many types of glass and mirrors that are used from different places or things with different properties and materials.

Commonly they are classified into two main types and then subdivided into different types. One is known as tempered glass, and the other is regular laminated mirrors we found on dressing tables or walls for decoration.

Full length wall mirror partitions that we used in bathrooms or other rooms like the living room are tempered. It means they are more solid than a regular one.

Mirrored Walls Installation and Repair Service

We offer everything in just a call, from installing full-length mirrored walls to their repair and maintenance. If you found any small crack or any other issue in your shower door mirror or full-length partition, then select us to get the best solution to any problem. 

Our experts also make a mirror with a shelf, a circle mirror for lobbies or home entrances, and oval mirrors for dressing tables and walls. Why choose unregistered unprofessional when you have us as your assistant? Pick up the phone and ring us a bell right now!


Tempered Glass

They are designed with safety considerations because if a homeowner wants to install them in the bathroom or living room, it requires more safety. They undergo unique chemical treatments. These treatments are applied before molding them into desired shape and design. In case of any damage, when they break into small pieces, getting injuries is low. When this type of partition breaks, the shattered into small round pieces. On the other side, a simple one is broken into sharp pointy pieces that cause serious injuries.

Regular Laminated Reflectors

They are commonly used in decorative wall mirrors and dressing tables. You can find it in any bedroom, lobby, restroom, salon, and even mall for decoration. However, the good news is that Anderson Glass Contractors are making them in good quality and a thick form. Clients can also customize them according to their budget and requirement. Our professionals can coat and laminate them with more secure and solid materials to prevent injuries. Contact us at (703) 623-2223 and visit our website to see the profile to get more information about entire mirror walls for commercial and residential use. 

If you are a gym owner looking for this service and product, hire our experienced experts to get fast and safe gym mirror cutting. Anderson certified and skilled workers can also install mirrored walls in offices with great care. Contact us right now to grab our excellent assistance and top-quality mirrored walls and even round mirrors for home or any other place. You can also add more features like LED lights around it.