Rolling Shower Enclosures

Rolling Shower Enclosures

The most exciting part of one’s day is when one wakes up, stretches a little bit in the bedroom, and then jumps out of bed to take a hot shower. And what a blessing it is to have rolling shower enclosures in your studio apartment. You slide the door, turn the shower tap on, and enjoy the warm waterfall on your head and shoulders, back, and to one’s feet. 


Rolling shower enclosures have a pair of rollers on the top and bottom of the tracks on which they roll, reducing the friction and allowing easy opening and closing of the doors. For privacy-induced minds, glass doors can be made translucent by spraying chemicals on the simple glass door during manufacturing or after installation.

Top Reasons To Install Rolling Shower Enclosures

While hiring someone to install rolling shower enclosures, we might consider some pros, so we can get maximum benefits out of it. Top of the mind reasons are:

  • Space Savers
  • Price vs Quality

Space Savers: Bathroom Will Feel Lighter and Spacious

Frameless rolling shower doors look great and save space compared to a door that swings open and closed. Accentuating shower enclosures with beautiful floor and wall work give a heavenly look. The rolling shower door is great for smaller-sized bathrooms where space is an issue. Rising real estate prices all over the globe have given rise to a simple, stylish yet minimalist outlook towards life and all the things encompassing it, be it material or spiritual.

Small cozy studio apartments are in, and large, bulky luxury apartments are out of reach of many a population. People prefer to live in simple small apartments. Apartments, be they small or large, have to have some essential amenities, like bedroom, kitchen, washroom and terrace as a cherry on top. Small shower enclosures occupy less space, and when they are rolling ones, they occupy even less space giving a good comfortable living to the inhabitants.

Price vs Quality: Why Should I Prefer Quality over Price?

Frameless shower doors are slightly more expensive than usual swinging shower doors as the glass used is above normal thickness, i.e., above 10 mm, coupled with a strong support system at hinges. Swinging and sliding doors use entirely different installation methods, which add to the final price.

Quality-wise sliding doors are superior to swinging doors due to no hinges, which may buckle under a strong applied force. They have rollers on top and bottom rolling on the tracks making it almost frictionless, provided that proper sealant is used to keep the soapy water and mud from entering the tracks.

Why Use Rolling Shower Doors?

Glass doors are the fundamental part of any rolling shower enclosures, they occupy at least 60 inches of space, far less than usual swinging doors. Minimalists prefer small cozy places, be they beds, dining places, living rooms, kitchens, or showers. Rolling shower doors come on top of their mind while looking for new apartments to live in, otherwise prefer to make one of their own.

Shower rolling doors allow its users to take either a small shower after a visit to the gym or to take a really long bath standing under the shower flow; contemplating whether to eat at home or order home delivery after exhaustion due to the workout. Rolling doors can be easily ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’, as their door remains inside the rolling frame.