Build Your Dream Shower Enclosure

Frameless Shower Enclosure

A frameless shower enclosure is made of a thicker screen that does not require a whole frame for support. Instead, unique latches and hinges hold these enclosures together. In most cases, a metal header will be required at the top for added support. 

You are come to the perfect place if you are a homeowner looking for bathroom renovation to install a stunning shower glass panel or a business owner looking to repair or replace damaged windows.

Frameless enclosure will give bathroom a new and appealing style while also increasing the value of your home. Choosing the right professionals “To Build Your Dream Shower Enclosure”, the installation process is critical to gain the supreme benefits and experiences..


Reasons To Build Your Dream Shower Enclosure

Below are the utmost concerns of every user for which owners hire us, that are:

  • Leakage Issue
  • If the Door Drags
  • Scratches

Leakage Issue

It is usually a sign that the seals around the edges fail if it leaks. To inspect them, people should employ our repair professional for a bathroom makeover. If DIY does not work, owners may need to hire an expert for shower renovation. 

Anderson Glass & Contractor is reasonably priced and can quickly resolve any difficulties from normal wear and tear. People are well on their way to decreasing the likelihood of future pricey repairs now that they know everything there is to know about typical repairs and who can perform them.


If the Door Drags

It most likely has to be straightened if it drags, and the clamps became tightened. An accumulation of water or debris could cause it. While people could do it yourself because it involves removing it off its track, experts recommend hiring a professional.



Scratches are pretty simple to repair, but owners will need to hire an expert to do so. A repair professional will buff out the scratch or fill in the imperfections if they employ us.


Other Shower Doors Installation Services

Showers are a standard component in every home, hotel, and fitness center. Shower enclosures and their components are sometimes the first parts of a home to show their age and begin to malfunction as time passes. 

Fortunately, we are here to provide glass shower door installation services assessing any problems and determining the best course of action for completing repairs promptly and affordably. We specialize in low-cost repair to make it last longer and work more efficiently. Experts will give people the option of having it repaired rather than replaced if it is possible. The most common glass shower doors services are:

  • Sliding Shower Doors Installation
  • Custom Shower Doors Installation


Sliding Shower Doors Installation

Does anyone require assistance with the sliding shower door installation in the bath? Skip the do-it-yourself approach and contact us for professional panel installation services. They are a simple and efficient method to update the bathroom. People may create an entirely new look by removing the bath curtain and replacing it with an enclosure. The openness of modern bathrooms is achieved through their use of it.

To speak with a colleague, call us. Select us if anyone is looking for shower doors near me. We can even assist in replacing the sliding one for the bathroom. An in-home measurement is required for the installation. Following that, we will provide an estimate for the project. Once the owner does all the essential work, the installer will schedule the installation. Allow for the additional lead time when installing a custom glass one. Small bathrooms benefit because they appear more prominent and protect the bathroom floors from dampness. Many homeowners who acquire new panels are unsure whether to install them themselves or hire a professional.


Custom Shower Doors Installation

Installing the custom shower doors could be a difficult task. The job necessitates careful measuring, channel installation, specialized tools, and one assistant. In addition, if the panels are installed poorly, they may leak, resulting in bathroom water damage. 

Fortunately, we are ready to go above and beyond when it comes to installation. When people schedule an in-home consultation, the service professional will assess the bathroom, take precise measurements, and schedule a later appointment to install the custom one as per choice. Does anyone have it with a shattered frame? We can replace the components with a similar style. Pros can also install complete bath enclosures, allowing people to adjust the arrangement or upgrade to higher-quality materials.


Hire Our Professionals To Build Your Dream Shower Enclosure

Here are some significant reasons to hire our professionals to build your dream shower. Anderson Glass Contractor is offering:

  • 100% Safety during the Process
  • Free Consultation and Advice
  • Customer’s Satisfaction

100% Safety during the Process

The expert technicians use the most up-to-date tools and technology to handle all demands. If anyone replaces an old one, they should check for lead traces. Attempting to do this mission on their own puts them in danger. When working with our professionals, people may rest assured that they will be protected. The contractors will know how to handle and dispose of hazardous materials to not spread into the environment. Find out what to think about when hiring a bathroom glass door installer. Call us at (703) 623-2223 and we will let you know.


Free Consultation and Advice

Frameless shower enclosures come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. People could make costly blunders if they do not have the proper instruction. Fortunately, a skilled installation will examine the requirements and apply their knowledge to make informed decisions.


Customer’s Satisfaction

The outcomes will be of the highest quality if a skilled contractor installs the enclosure. We have the necessary training and practical experience to do the job correctly. The contractors will go above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations.