Shower Doors Installation

Anderson Glass & Mirror provides exceptional glass shower doors that can make your bathroom more stunning and increase the value of a property. Undoubtedly, bathrooms are an essential part of our house and give any visitor or guest a good or bad impression. In modern home designs, shower glass enclosures are installed in a restroom that gives a curb appeal to its interior. Several types of reflectors, designs, and styles are used to make this part stunning.


Hurry up! Give us a call and hire a team of professionals for this job. They will inspect the place and recommend the most suitable options for this place. Visit our website to get more information about our services or ask for help from the customer representative. He will guide you appropriately.

Types of Shower Doors Glass Panels; We Sell and Install

Welcome to Anderson Glass & Mirror if anyone is looking for the best providers and installers for making those enclosures. We are selling supreme quality reflectors and also help clients to choose the best designs that will make their water closets more comfortable and cleaner. 

Following are the types of shower doors that we install in water closets. Their descriptions will help you choose one of the suitable bathroom enclosures at your place. Let us Jump into it:


Sliding Shower Doors

It is the most common type that homeowners love to install. It works like a patio door a person can enter inside to take a bath by sliding any side. Both panels are movable by using rails. These entrances are made in both framed and frameless forms. If it contains a track, it means it is framed. In the second type, the entrances are moved with the help of a metal track bar mounted across the top front of the circumvallation. Hire us if you want to install sliding shower doors.


DreamLine Shower Doors

This one follows a most modern market trend. It is a frameless hinged bath entrance that homeowners love to install. Its panels are made of acrylic/ABS advanced material that offers several features. We are proud that our clients are happy to have assistance from us and satisfied with our Dreamline shower doors installation work.


Framed Shower Doors

It has a metal track that goes all around it. It is a very cost-effective option for homeowners who want to make their water closets beautiful. It requires skilled techs that can handle this set of reflectors carefully. It would be best for you to stop searching online about shower doors near me; instead, contact us. We ensure that you will admire our services after completing a task. We are also installing the following types of glass enclosures in bathrooms. So, feel free to place an order and hire experts for this job.

  • Curved
  • Neo-Angle
  • Hinged
  • Pivot
  • Bifold


Frameless Shower Door

Its name shows that it has no track or rails around it that allows a person to open it. Instead, a hinged pivot or a thin sliding track is installed on it. It is a complete glass water closet that makes this place stunning.

It is a bit difficult to place in a restroom. Only experts can do this task correctly. Select us; we are the best frameless shower door installers in this region.